Aug 16, 2018 at 1:46P Recycling Program Details - click here
Curbside Recycling Program Overview The Village of Perth-Andover is participating in the Curb Side recycling program being delivered by the Regional Service Commission.  Every property in Perth-Andover should have a blue bin that was delivered to your property.  If you do not wish to participate in the recycling program, let us know and we will pick up the blue cart for someone else to use.  Your Blue Cart will be collected once per month at your driveway.   Perth-Andover’s recycling collection will be the second Thursday of each month.  The first scheduled pick up will be on the 13th of September.  The only difference will be that one collection day per month, you will place your blue cart at the curb, rather than your regular garbage can.Please do not use your blue cart for regular household garbage. The collector will see the blue cart and assume it is recycling and not collect the contents on a regular garbage day. Please do not bag any of your recyclables other than shredded paper.The following is a list of acceptable materials for recycling: Plastics:             Locate the number within the recycling symbol, usually on the bottom of the item            Any item with 1, 2, 4 or 5 can go in the blue cart            Any other plastic container cannot go in the blue cartPaper:Flyers, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, printed paper, envelopes, books (please remove hard covers)The only exception is shredded paper, it must be tied in a clear plastic bag.Cardboard: Food boxes such as cereal boxes, egg cartons (not Styrofoam), corrugated cardboard such as shipping boxes.Metal:            Food cans such as vegetable cans, tuna cans, etc. For More Information Contact the Village Office at 273-4959 or visit us online at or the Regional Service Commission at
May 23, 2018 at 2:05P Registration for Summer Programs is now available! CLICK HERE for more information.
Please register online for the following programs:Lifesaving Society Swimming Lessons Session 1&2 Bronze ClassesPerth-Andover Swim TeamCo-ed SoccerMinor BaseballSport For LifeBeginner Kayak LessonsInstructions below for the online registration.**Online registration requires online payment.  If you prefer to pay in person by cash, cheque or debit then DO NOT add anything to your cart.  Visit the Village Office or Recreation Dept and have one of our staff complete your registration when payment is made.   Please contact the Recreation Department to register for the following programs:Day CampFull Time Day Camp:  FREE Swimming Lessons will be included so you do not need to register for them separately.  Any other programs listed above will still require online registration.Part Time Day Camp:  All programs above will still require online registration.36th Annual Western Valley in Motion GamesLeaders in Training We are here to help!!  Please contact us at 273-4959 ext: 200 or visit our office for assistance. ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR SUMMER PROGRAMSPlease follow these instructions for successful registration:1. ADDING FAMILY MEMBERSYou have to set up your family members.  For those who registered last year this information will still be in the system, but you should review for any errors or changes.   To do this click on Events, Manage sub accounts.  First you need to complete your own information and any other adults you want on your account.  Then set up any dependents you have and be sure at the bottom of the page to check off who you choose for guardians.  2. FIND THE PROGRAMS YOU ARE LOOKING FORClick on Events, View Events.  You will see all of the programs that are currently available for registration.  If you would like to view just one type of program you can choose the category, the tag, or do a search.    3. REGISTER FOR THE EVENTWhen you click on a specific program any family member that meets the age requirement will be available to be registered.   Just click Add to Cart.  Repeat this for all members and programs you want to register for.  When you are finished please click on the shopping cart at the top right hand side of the screen to complete your registration.  4. CHECKING OUTYou MUST check out in order to complete your registration. If there any programs left in your cart they will be automatically removed within 3 days.  We have an agreement with Moneris to accept either a credit card or debit card for your convenience.  Check off I Agree to the Terms of the Town, click Purchase and you will be redirected to their site to enter your payment information.  Once this is complete you are fully registered! Thank you for registering!!  If you have any problems call us at 273-4959 ext: 200 and we will be happy to assist you.  
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